“The power of Google got me in touch with Dave, and his pride in his craftsmanship and dedication to his customers got me to become one.  He made sure everything was covered and was completely open to my idea’s which resulted in a sheath that fit all my needs and performed exactly how it was needed. I can tell it will last a lifetime and be passed down to my son at some point.  I would recommend his work to anyone and will rely on his ability’s for all my leather needs going forward.”  Mike Bachinski, West Virginia


Dave, Man, you keep on doing the good stuff! Thanks so much for your recent work on my two custom sheaths. Your original design for the Hartsook Skinner is outstanding and really makes that knife. Our collaboration on the Gerber Boot Knife Sheath exceeds my expectations. Let us not forget all the fine work you’ve done for me in the past. Keep on stitchin’! Quality is quality.   Thanks again, Buck Early


Dave, as a collector of one of a kind custom made knives, I am also hooked on one of a kind sheaths to carry my knives. I am pleased with your work, do not think I could find anyone that would work with me on ideas as you have to create the leather to match the knife. This gives both the knife and the sheath personality. Thanks and continue to create.   Marion “Shoe” Shoemaker


Dave,    I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the amazing bag you made me!  It is exactly what I wanted and I have been getting so many complements on it (I love that).  You listened to what I was looking for and you understood even the crazier requests like a designated place for my lip gloss and camera.  I was also very impressed by the overall quality of the bag; it is very obvious that no corners were cut.  This is not a light bag by any means being 99% Leather (1% thread and accents) but it is surprisingly light on my shoulder and very comfortable.  Sorry to gush but I just couldn’t be happier.  Thanks again! Best of Luck, Aliyah Prontaut, Realtor/Broker

I worked as a wilderness instructor for one of the most professional programs for learning differenced youth in United States. As a professional wilderness instructor and first responder I beat the hell out of my gear. And the sheath you made for me took a pounding and came back for more. Greg Porter, Professional Wilderness Guide

Dave, I received my case and I just wanted to thank you! The craftsmanship is amazing and I can tell you take great pride in your work. You have exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again, Tom

A few weeks ago Dave Hauser of Dragonthorn Leatherworks contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing his PCS. What is a PCS you ask? It stands for Pocket Carry System and if you like keeping your EDC (everyday carry) items organized, you’re going to appreciate his design skills and craftsmanship. Less than 2 weeks later, I received the PCS in the mail. When I took it out of the package, I was immediately impressed by the quality. It’s very apparent that Dave knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to leather work.

If you’re in need of a custom holder for your gear, you’ll enjoy working with Dave and enjoy the resulting PCS even more.  Julie Strietelmeier, The-Gadgeteer.Com

Dave, I got the sheath, and I could not be more pleased. I freaking LOVE this thing… the workmanship — quality, fit, and finish — is simply outstanding. I love it. It’s not only a seriously badass sheath, but it’s also a really beautiful piece of art. I would have emailed you earlier, but whenever I get a spare moment in the house I’ve been sneaking up to my office (I work from home) to fondle it. It was a joy to work with you on this, and I’m looking forward to the next one. I have all kinds of ideas for a followup to this guy, but until the time comes for that I’ll be enjoying the hell out this amazing piece. Best, Bill

It is said silence is the talkative messenger’s of Joy. When I opened my box and unwrapped the PCS I was speechless.

“Like a good friend Dave Hauser will acompany you when you go shopping, advising, suggesting, and proposing new ideas makes the process of ordering leatherwork from Dragonthorn a unique experience. While some custom makers will be sloppy offering options or just communicating;  it  almost felt like I was in the lab room, seeing step by step my PCS being assembled.
Now in my pocket, I feel no bulk or discomfort while carrying my basic EDC kit. Only problem: I keep taking it out to admire it …  Thanks Dave,  you’re a gentleman and a rare and highly skilled craftsman .”  Imrann Bana, Paris, France

I truly can’t describe how absolutely pleased I am with the  bags that you made for me!  The craftsmanship is unbelievable and the leather for both bags is simply perfect.  I know you spent a lot of time on these, and it shows!  I will never need to buy another purse again (I mean that) and I couldn’t be happier that I found you!  Your passion and dedication to your work shows, Dave, and I will be a customer for a long time to come!  Thank you for not just making me two great bags, but for creating pieces that I consider to works of art.   Sarah K, Greensboro, NC

Postman rang once and handed me the package.  I tore into it and was delayed only by the careful packaging.  Once beyond that point, I was greeted by this beautifully handcrafted leather pouch.  Wow, what exquisite workmanship. I especially liked the lining and smooth finished edges taking it to another level of acute quality care.  I cleaned my iphone of any fingerprints and inserted it into the opening.  Surrounded by the case, it was not tight and easily removable by just turning downside up.  The opening in the bottom easily allowed me to plug the phone in for charging.  Although I have to be careful, I like the fit because if I ever change smartphones it should accommodate virtually any size.  Leon H.

Hi Dave, the pen case has arrived and it’s beautiful! Thank you. It’s also exactly what I had in mind. Wow. It’ll last forever, I think. Well done. I will take pictures and post them around next week. Thanks again for your help on this. You’re a very skilled craftsmen. I’ll recommend you to everyone who asks about this beautiful case.  Scott P.

Been on the road for a few weeks, my apologies for the late response. Received the notebooks, very impressed by the quality of your work and actually, folks I work with have also been very complimentary about their unique style and craftsmanship.  Alan C.

The card wallet and PCS you made for me are perfect. I could not be more happy with your work. Before discovering your PCS, I had searched far and wide for a practical way to carry a multi-tool and flashlight together in a compact package that didn’t destroy the pockets of my trousers. I now have what I was looking for. That I was able to have a solid and beautiful matching card wallet made at the same time was just gravy. The fit, finish, and patina, of both are flawless. The attention to detail, and care with which you put each together is something one simply doesn’t see that often these days.  Both pieces radiate quality and make me think I will carry them for years to come. You are a true craftsman in the bespoke tradition. I look forward to using you for my next project, whatever it may be.  Well done!  Michael S.

Dave, Beautifully crafted PCS. My days of loose pencils, wrinkled notebooks and endless scraps of paper haphazardly coexisting in my pockets are over. Looking forward to jotting down idle thoughts, mindless doodles and occasional sparks of inspiration. It was great working with such a talented leathersmith. The finished product exceeded my expectations on every level. True work of art.  Don W.

Just unpacked the sheath, and wow.  It is amazing.  It turned out better than I hoped.  Love your idea of the magnet.  It makes a no look re-sheathing of the knife easy.  I was originally thinking that I would have to take the sheath out of my pocket to put the knife back (that is what I had to do with the other sheaths).  But with the magnet that is not necessary.  I just let the magnet grab the blade and slowly slide it in and I’m all set.  Great job. Looks great!  Jong C.

Dave,  Last year, after the first PCS you made for me - for a Surefire E1B Backup and Leatherman Juice S2 - I wrote how I looked forward to using you for my next project. Well, having received my second PCS - for a Surefire T1A Titan and Leatherman Juice S2 - I was not disappointed. The prior PCS set up could be a tad bulky with certain trousers, so I decided to incorporate a smaller flashlight. Like its sibling, it is a beautiful example of Old World hand-crafted excellence. And, as when I received its sibling, I cannot be happier. Now I have a "casual" PCS and "formal" PCS. Everyone should be so lucky. The color is also a perfect match with the card wallet you made along with my prior PCS. Thanks again, and keep up the great work. Until next time. Very Sincerely, Michael



I needed some custom leatherwork created for some items I carry on my person on a day to day basis. I researched possible options within my own country (the UK) and drew a blank. This led me to looking further afield and thus finding David at Dragonthorn Leatherworks. I have today received the items David was contracted to produce and I must say I couldn't be more delighted with how they've turned out. I am a very difficult person to please but the work really is faultless. I'm now actively trying to think of other uses for David's excellent skills! Additionally it should be noted: David made great efforts to understand the brief given and wrote very concise email correspondence detailing some superb ideas relating to the work. I can't recommend Dragonthorn Leatherworks highly enough and I'm delighted to pass favour to David's work. Many thanks David, you've provided a a truly superb service. Jaime