Multi Tool Belt Pouch

Multi-tools are one of the coolest things that have been invented to go on your belt. Small, relatively light weight and more gadgets than most tool boxes have. Of course, you require a multi tool belt pouch to carry it properly. This project was yet another interesting one. I received an email from a women in Zambia (yes, Zambia) who wanted something special for her husband on their wedding anniversary. Her husband works at a golf course in Solwezi, Zambia and uses his Leatherman multi-tool daily. She wanted a custom pouch for the leatherman, with her husbands name carved into the front and a quote carved into the back. I took it a step further and carved his signature on the front flap.

Pouches can be difficult to get right but this one turned out very well I think. Fits the Leatherman perfectly The belt loop is large enough to accommodate a belt up to 1.5". This item is made out of 3-4oz. tooling leather and dyed black using an oil based professional dye. Simple snap on the front which is reinforced for consistent use.  You will note my standard highly burnished and polished edges. The base price for this item is $150.00. Carving names, signatures and etc. is additional. Obviously I'll ship anywhere but make sure that you read the "order" section so you understand how I work with shipping. As this is custom I guarantee I can make this fit anything. Give it some thought and let me know.  DH


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