Leather Wrist Brace

This Leather Wrist Brace was made for a customer that pretty much beats his pharmaceutical braces to death. As I understand it he goes through one of the fabric braces monthly. Whether just beating it up or "setting it on fire" as he says while welding his custom drag cars, they just don't last nor support his damaged wrist properly. Apparently other leathersmiths he has contacted to create this stated "it can't be done". We'll, yes it can...see? "Bruzer", as he is called. contacted me a while back with this request and was kind enough to mail me an old brace that I could use both as a pattern and for internal parts for the new one. This leather wrist brace is made out of 5-6oz. oil tanned leather with a 1/8" piece of foam sandwiched between the oil tanned outer shell and the suede lining. The buckles are nickel plated while the straps are all riveted with nickle rivets for both strength and panache. This item is a prototype as I needed to construct it and get it to the customer for testing and suggestions for giving him a better fit. Think about it, if you have to wear something like this all day you definitely want to make sure that it fits perfectly. The final brace will be in the $250.00 - $300.00 range and note that larger braces for larger wrists will require more leather. I've tried this on (my arm in the pic) and I assure you that your wrist will not move with this baby on.  Next step is to create a "dress brace" for those times when he's out and about on the town... hmmm, where could I go with that?!  DH



  1. I am very interested in this as well, motorcycle wreck has caused the need for exactly this style brace for my left hand, but also need one like this for right hand with a thumb brace. I wear a large in the store bought, but they only last maybe two weeks at most

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