Leather EDC Set

Leather EDC Set, who doesn't need EDC (Every Day Carry) pouches to carry the sundry of stuff that you need every day? I am going to do this post a bit differently than most. The set pictured was commissioned by a gentleman in Plymouth, England that operates a professional plumbing and heating company in the UK. Why no air conditioning you ask? You have to live there to understand (I did, for 3 years and it's beautiful, but not hot). The client needed a set of pouches to carry his Wiha bit driver set, the wallet; his HDS 250 flashlight (called a torch in the UK), the taller sleeve; and his Bose bluetooth headset, the small belt pouch. Sounds like EDC to me! The bit driver wallet outer shell was constructed of 2-3 oz. vegetable tanned leather, and the inner lining and pouches with 1-2oz. kip leather. The pouches were created on a custom mold and stitched into the wallet in proper position. The HDS 250 flashlight pouch was created out of 2-3 oz. vegetable tanned leather as was the small pouch to carry his Bose Bluetooth Headset. All items were stitched with 138 size chestnut nylon bonded thread and dyed with Fiebings Show Brown professional oil leather dye. The shine was created with Fiebings leather balm.


I needed some custom leatherwork created for some items I carry on my person on a day to day basis. I researched possible options within my own country (the UK) and drew a blank. This led me to looking further afield and thus finding David at Dragonthorn Leatherworks. I have today received the items David was contracted to produce and I must say I couldn't be more delighted with how they've turned out. I am a very difficult person to please but the work really is faultless. I'm now actively trying to think of other uses for David's excellent skills! Additionally it should be noted: David made great efforts to understand the brief given and wrote very concise email correspondence detailing some superb ideas relating to the work. I can't recommend Dragonthorn Leatherworks highly enough and I'm delighted to pass favour to David's work. Many thanks David, you've provided a a truly superb service. Jaime

At this point in this post I am going to diverge a bit. The top set of photos is the complete set commissioned by the client in the UK. The bottom set of photos contains the individual items as I would like you to think on just what else all of this could be used for. The wallet, with some modifications, can hold writing utensils, various pocket knives, manicure sets, etc. (use your imagination). The sleeve for the HDS 250 can obviously hold flashlights or any size as well as it being a perfect fit for 18650 mechanical mods (for you vapers out there). As well it can be modified to hold larger or smaller items. The small pouch has a dimension set of approximately 2" wide x 2.5" tall x 1" deep and has a belt loop. In addition to holding the Bose Bluetooth Headset this pouch can be designed to hold Zippo lighters, small pill boxes, hearing aid batteries (yes, I'm guilty... too many of those really loud concerts when I was younger. You know, the ones that your Mom always said would make you deaf? She was right, aren't they always...). And again, for you Vapers, can be designed to accommodate e-liquid bottles and spare atomizers for those that don't carry re-buildables with them at all times.

As you can see, an awful lot of different Every Day Carry items can be hauled around with this stuff. For those that would prefer an all in one carry system, check out my PCS line at this link: Dragonthorn Leatherworks PCS.

Whatcha need?  DH


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