iPad with Keyboard Play Through Case (Dragon Smoke)

This iPad with keyboard play through case is another item in the "Dragon Smoke" light weight line from Dragonthorn Leatherworks. The customer that is using this baby specifically wanted a rustic/rugged, light weight, no frills case to carry both his iPad and his Logitech Ultra-Light Keyboard. What makes this case a bit different is that it is indeed "light weight". So many iPad and Tablet cases on the market made to carry both the tablet and keyboard are so over designed that they are bulky as well as heavy. Electronics are heavy enough all by themselves so you really don't need additional leather or layers that are not necessary. This case fits the bill perfectly.

This case is made of 3-4oz. vegetable tanned tooling leather which is treated with Fiebings Neetsfoot oil for protection and to give it a nice golden tone which will darken as it ages. It is not lined but instead has the interior (or backside of the hide) sueded for a soft touch and non-scratch protection. In addition the closure mechanism is magnetic which adds a nice touch. You will also note that the keyboard and tablet are held in place by utilizing only one strip of molded leather for each item. Why didn't I add one at the top as well? Simple, it's not needed. Once you slip the keyboard and tablet into their respective molded slots they remain secure, especially when the case is closed and latched with the magnet. The customer also requested that his specifically designed initials be carved into the front of the case for an extra touch.

This case starts at $200.00 as you see it. If you prefer not to have the hand carved initials deduct $25.00. I can as well create this case with any number of various closing mechanisms (magnets being just one of many). Colors, threads and further design features are available.  Let me know what you think.  DH

(ps, if you're still reading... the items in the pics above are not a "real" iPad or Keyboard. I created a hardwood mold for the keyboard and iPad and did some really fancy scan/print work : ) )


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