High End Pocket Clips back in stock



Once upon a time there was a famous knife company that made high end gentleman's pocket knives (This company's initials are W&H). I had a small supply of the pocket clips that came on the knife sleeves they supplied for their knives but alas, ran out and could not locate additional stock. Sad sad were the days after learning about the unavailability of these clips... Happy happy are the days now that I have found a new supplier!!! These clips are high end stainless steel with a semi-mat/stone washed finish. Clip dimensions are 68mm long x 6.5mm wide x 7mm tall. They can be added to any leather project from Dragonthorn Leatherworks for an extra $15.00. In addition to the pic of the clips I have added some shots of old Dragonthorn projects utilizing these clips.  DH


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