Every Day Carry Dragon PCS – Pocket Carry System©

The Dragon PCS© System for every day carry is probably the most difficult and yet the most simple to explain. Difficult, as the pictures show only a few of an infinite variety of possibilities. Simple, as the design and construction is only limited by what you carry daily in your pocket.

In the above set of pics I created my personal PCS© to carry my Puma 4Star Mini P220 pocket knife, my favorite Blues Guitar Pick, a Tornado Retro 51 mini-pen and a penny (the penny is a private bit that I'll explain some day in my blog). This particular PCS© is made of 2-3 oz. tooling leather and dyed dark brown with brown thread and rounded and finished edges.

The PCS featured above is one that was designed for a customer in France. For this one, I used 4-5 oz. horse hide, dyed a warm cognac brown and highlighted with contrasting orange stitching.  This PCS holds a small Altoids tin, a large Bic lighter, a Fisher Space Pin, a Derma Safe Knife, and has my signature slot for a guitar pick and coin.  Although I always think of this item as being carried in my pocket, you will notice that he wanted the option to carry his on his belt or to hang it with an "S" carabiner.   (The items in these photos are my Retro 51 Pen and a small Buck pocket knife.)

"While some custom makers will be sloppy offering options or just communicating;  it almost felt like I was in the lab room, seeing step by step my PCS being assembled . Thanks Dave, you're a gentleman and a rare and highly skilled craftsman ."   Imrann, Paris, France

The pictures shown above are of a PCS I crafted for Julie Strietelmeier of the-gadgeteer.com. You can read her review at Gadgeteer Dragonleather PCS. Julie's PCS is also made of 2-3oz. tooling leather, is dyed a dark red/brown and stitched with brown thread.   I lined Julie's with calfskin to add a nice finishing  touch.

The PCS above was made for a very special cartoonist named Don Wimmer. Don is the artist for a popular comic strip called "Rose is Rose". If interested you can read up on Rose is Rose here. In addition you will see in the background is a comic strip that Don drew up specifically for me! We have a cat called "Minka" thats a handful and loves giving the squirrels in the back yard hell! Well, onto the PCS...

Don requested a PCS to hold his cartooning pencil, a toothpick holder (which could hold additional leads for the pencil) and a small Moleskine notebook to hold all of the various concepts, ideas and notes and such that come up during the day. The PCS is made of 3-4oz. vegi-tanned leather and is dyed a medium red/brown. The edges are highly polished and the PCS includes a small pocket on the back for a guitar pick and theater tickets.

Dave, Beautifully crafted PCS. My days of loose pencils, wrinkled notebooks and endless scraps of paper haphazardly coexisting in my pockets are over. Looking forward to jotting down idle thoughts, mindless doodles and occasional sparks of inspiration. It was great working with such a talented leathersmith. The finished product exceeded my expectations on every level. True work of art.  Don W.

The PCS© can carry anything you'd like as it is custom designed and created specifically for any of the pocket carry items you prefer it to carry (simple eh?).  Your PCS can be as large or as small as you wish, with as many (or as few) pockets, slots or sleeves as you wish and it can be any color, any thread  color  and any leather, and can have a belt loop.   I recommend the 3-4 oz. tooling leather or the 4-5 oz. horse hide because both mold very well and stand up to abuse.

I, personally, find that keys make the PCS  a bit bulky for me.   I could add a key ring or additional pocket for them. All in all it's your call. Tell me what you want it to carry, we'll get the dimensions of the item(s), I'll make wooden mockups of the items and away we'll go. Base price is $125.00 (plus S&H). Options vary and are limitless.  DH



  1. Hello, I’d like to order the same case you made for the French guy and I’d like the contrasting orange stitching.

    Let me know price and I’ll PayPal you.


    Will Varnell
    Birmingham, Alabama

    • Will, Im about 3-4 weeks out before I can look at anymore orders. Lead time will be running about 8 weeks after that. Dave

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