Dragon Smoke, a new light weight leather line from Dragonthorn

Well, where do we start this? Perhaps an explanation of my thoughts concerning custom leatherwork or actually any leatherwork at all. There are many great leather crafters on the market. Some are individuals such as myself. Some are companies that have extremely skilled craftsman working for them. I spend a good bit of time on the internet searching competitors and their products as well as specific products that turn up on review type websites. What I have determined over a period of time is really two things.

One, much of the leather work products being produced today are heavy, good quality but heavy. Leather is normally not a light weight product. The thicker it is the heavier and more bulky it is. All of these thick leather layers look cool and do offer a good bit of protection for whatever they are carrying but again, heavy and large and thick. I traveled the world as an executive for many major international transportation companies. Planes, trains and automobiles… hotels, restaurants, bars… I’ve been in more than I can count. While traveling I carried a briefcase, papers, files, pens and later all the varied electronics that go with the new “road warrior”. Laptops, cellphones, tablets, chargers, cables not to mention clothing. In all of my travels I mainly carried a leather bag. Why?, because it was leather. The new lightweight bags from Tumi, Hartmann, Victorinox and others are great bags (in most cases) and very light weight but they just don’t say “Wow!” like a nice leather bag. Add in the covers, cases and various pouches to carry all of the accessories and you break your back with the weight.

Item number two? Edges…. few craftsman or companies spend enough time on edges. Do nice edges make the bags any lighter? Of course not, but they do shout “Quality”. I have seen wallets that were no more than a folded piece of leather with a few stitches commanding prices well over $100.00. Why? Design is the only thing that I can see. Now, this may be because I work with leather daily and know what it takes to make something with this most wonderful natural product. I could cut my production time immensely if I didn’t spend the time I do on edges and I may make some products down the road with raw edges but when I do it will be based on design, not cutting corners.

Dragonthorn Leatherwork products are all designed and crafted with weight and bulk formost in mind. That is why I primarily work with the lighter weight vegetable tanned leather. You buy good leather and it can still be thin “and” strong. Design properly and you can nest items the leather creation is to carry to minimize bulk. What does this mean to you the consumer? Old school leather creations to carry new world stuff.

Now, what is “Dragon Smoke”? A new line of products from DragonThorn taking these concepts even further. No bits not required, minimal stitching, no lining leathers to add bulk and weight. Simply thoughtful design and form and function. Check out the first product here. More will be forthcoming as we move forward. If you have an idea let me know. Who knows, it may be the next product in the Dragon Smoke line of creations…  DH


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