Cell Phone Sleeve

Can't say that I have seen any "Custom" cell phone cases and sleeves out and about. If you think about it, this may be an area where you can really stand out. You can be as loud or as refined as you'd like. This sleeve is a prototype that has been in use for about a year now and is wearing very well. This particular sleeve is constructed of Iguana for the front, 1/2 oz. oil tanned leather for the back and calf-skin for the lining. The individual carrying this sleeve for the past year requested a simple sleeve which is easy to insert and extract the phone from. Custom options are many and include various facing materials (can be exotics or plain leather), various backs and can be lined with calf-skin, suede, or be left untouched. Cellphone cases can be made as sleeves or as belt cases, either vertical or horizontal with various clips, snaps and fasteners. As well I can hand carve names, initials or patterns into the leather itself. The limit is only bound by your imagination. Basic prices start at $125.00  DH


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  1. Can a belt clip be added? Prefer vertical vs horizontal.

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