The Art of Leathercraft

High End Custom Leather Products, Created by Dragonthorn


Dragonthorn Leatherworks is a full custom leather shop. I have been working with leather since the late 60’s (I was 14 when I started dabbling), and the company has been around since 1999. We specialize in custom leather products of all types, sizes, designs, etc. A unique advantage in dealing with Dragonthorn is the customer interaction. We firmly believe in giving the customer “exactly” what they want. We do consistently offer suggestions and/or design elements to a current or prospective customer but only as it pertains to how leather is worked and what is possible based on the price level agreed upon in advance between us and the client. So, have an idea? Not sure if it’ll work or how to go about it? Only one way to find out… Let us know what you are thinking and we’ll go from there.


May 3, 2017 – I own one of these excellent old Singers which my Lady Friend and I are are restoring; but we don’t have the table.  If you have one of these and would be willing to sell it, please, please let me know. We saw an episode of  Flea Market Flip where folks found one at a flea market and turned it into a bar or something – I wept!  So if you locate one – I want it!  DH