My name is Dave Hauser and I am the owner and Master Leathersmith at Dragonthorn Leatherworks.  My studio  is located in Boone, NC.  All of my work is custom so the shop is not open to the public. I create pieces designed for the requirements of specific customers and offer no mass-produced or retail goods. Leather is my passion and has been for 40 years with 15 of those being on the professional side.

As a career logistician (yes, it is a real word – look it up) I traveled the world extensively.  Nowadays, I enjoy life  in the Appalachians with my lady friend and 2 cats. I have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. After leather-craft, my other passions are my VW Mark IV R32, Blues Guitar, Science Fiction/Fantasy and home-brewing.

I love challenges, puzzles, and problems to solve. Bring me the leather projects others folks say can’t be done.