Simply put, I do custom leather work. Custom leatherwork is a bit different. It’s not ground out by a bunch of people getting paid low wages in a factory, nor is it something that you can click on and add to your shopping cart. It’s, in a word, special.  Custom leatherwork is an art. Imagine taking an idea, raw leather hide, thread and creating something that no one else has. Custom leatherwork is very personal. Why?, well, it was dreamed up by you and made by me for you. No one else has anything exactly like it. Even if I make two pieces of the same thing, its all different. Each hide of leather is different as is each location on the hide itself. The leather I use has, in most cases, what we in the business call “Range marks”; locations on the hide where the cow has rubbed up against something, snagged itself on barbed wire or done something that ends up giving the leather character. Browse the site, enjoy, and welcome to Dragonthorn Leatherworks!