It’s been a tough and busy year

Whew… back in the saddle again as they say. This has been a really busy year for me, both personally and professionally. I am getting ready to take Dragonthorn to the next level of custom leather work and its a job I tell you. Lots of time has been spent on the webpage (on the backend) making it easier to navigate. Much has been done as well on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that my page rankings would increase. And you know what?, it worked! Dragonthorn Leatherworks is now back on page one of Google for custom leatherwork. I have now added a Pinterest page, worked on the Facebook page, added a LinkedIn page and a Google+ page. Now I’ve got to find the time to keep them updated! Order inquiries arrive daily with many of them being international. I have added a leather prototyping business segment so that those of you that have aspirations to manufacture something made of leather now have a place to get the prototypes created. Purchased more equipment and may start looking for an apprentice. So, all in all things are looking up. Stay in touch, more stuff coming.  DH


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