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Dave, you nailed it! Thank you so much for my PCS and phone case. When I told you I am a welder and hard on my stuff you listened. The choice of horsehide as a more durable leather is perfect. You are a true craftsman and I will be proud to refer anyone who will ask where I got
my accessories. Pleasure doing business, Roger

The Shop PCS is a project ordered by a welding shop owner in Georgia that got really tired of buying belt pouches for the items he used daily that kept wearing out. In addition, they were just ugly. The customer needed a belt carry PCS that carried his old Leatherman, a BIC pen that he just loved and a small MagLight. In addition he required a keyclip on the bottom for, well... you know... keys. He also required a matching cellphone case for his current iPhone and one he was looking to upgrade to. We chatted a bit and a further requirement was a leather that was stupid strong. This belt carry PCS is made of horse hide and is dyed a dark walnut brown. The fastening mechanisms are small brass Sam Brown studs. The red bonded nylon thread keeps it all together and adds a very nice decorative "punch" As you can see, to protect the phone, we have added a contrasting red pigskin suede in the cellphone pouch. Base price for this set is $280.00. I guarantee that this gentleman is the best dressed Welder in the market!  DH


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