Pocket Watch Case

A Pocket Watch Case is a definite requirement for those that prefer to carry a pocket watch over a wrist watch. We were commissioned by an executive in the mid-west to create a custom leather pocket watch case with attached leather braided cord for one of his latest antique finds. Interestingly, we have recently been commissioned to make many leather items without having the actual piece that will be placed in it. We do this with exact dimensions, a lot of research and hand made hardwood molds. This watch case was no exception. As the watch is very valuable, the customer didn't trust the transportation system to deliver this watch safely for a custom fit. (I have a small article here that explain how we do it for knife sheaths but I should probably update it to better explain custom hardwood molds for other items).  This watch case is 1 3/4" in diameter and 3/8" thick so the work is rather detailed. In addition he wished to have the Notre Dame logo carved into the front of the case (turned out pretty well I think). The case is lined with a tobacco colored pigskin for protection of the watch finish and is supplied with a Italian braided cord with a sterling sliver clasp that is further attached to the braided cord with a very very fine piece of nylon string (fishing line). The base cost for this pocket watch case is $165.00 and includes the Italian braided leather cord and sterling silver clasp.  DH


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