Pipe Bag Orikawa

Pipe Bag Orikawa Medium Large

Pipe Bag Orikawa Medium Large

Pipe Bag Orikawa you say! Well, taking the definition of "Origami" (In Japanese, "ori" means "folding" and "gami" means "paper" so it stands to reason that a folding pipe bag made of leather would be "ori" for folding and "kawa" meaning leather... Orikawa). I should state right up front that if I've got this wrong I would appreciate being corrected by anyone speaking/reading/writing Japanese.

I was contacted a while back by Chris Lee, owner of iBriar.com with an idea he has been considering for a high-end pipe bag that could be configured in various ways. As normal with custom leather work, we went back and forth a good bit with phone calls, emails, drawings and cardboard mockups and shazam! Pipe Bag OriKawa! There are two prototypes in the pics above, one medium, one large. The small bag has an inside dimension width of 8" which easily holds 4 pipes/pipe bags on the lower slots in the leather rack piece and 3 pipes/pipe bags in the upper slots. A leather pouch is stitched into the upper lid which will hold various accoutrement such as pipe cleaners, lighters, pipe tools, etc. Once configured into "box mode" you can as well carry various tobacco pouches, tins and etc. as well. The larger bag is designed and configured the same but has an inside dimension width of 11" allowing you to carry 6 pipes/pipe bags in the lower slot and an additional 4 pipes/pipe bags in the upper slots. We are looking at adding an additional leather rack piece on the opposite side of the unit which would increase the carrying capability by 4-6 pipes. To get a better idea of how this bags works scroll down to the instructions pages or download the .pdf here.

These two prototype units are constructed of double shoulder cow hide and are lined with a very nice soft tobacco leaf colored pigskin. I have only utilized stitching where required in order to keep these bags as simple as possible. Full stitching around the edges is possible at an additional charge. Instead of using snaps, velcro or zippers we have used two different sizes of smaller Sam Brown studs to secure the bags various pieces and sides where necessary. Being custom work we can change, shift, add and subtract and number of features at your request. As well, leather types, colors, thread colors, etc. are available.

Price? Not quite sure yet. These bags are being released at the Chicago Pipe show today, May 3rd, 2014 so we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned to either this web site or Chris's site at www.ibriar.com for more information as we go forward. I must admit this is just pretty cool!  DH

 Pipe Bag Orikawa instructions 1

 Pipe Bag Orikawa instructions 2Pipe-Bag-Orikawa-instructions-3



  1. Hi,i want the Princess,thanks Peter

  2. Please contact me when these become available and there is a price set

  3. Just to let everyone know, I am working with Chris at iBriar.com to nail the pricing and options for these bags. Keep checking back for updated info. DH

  4. How much did these end up costing each

    • So sorry man, just realized I had not responded to this. I will contact my partner on this and see where we are. Christmas has just nailed me this year. DH

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