PCS Twins

Not sure what to call this except "Twins". This client wished to have the same (or close) PCS for his high end William Henry Knives, flashlight, lighter, pen and Swiss Army knives. One PCS will be "Office Carry" and one for "Weekend carry". He will shift out the pen with the lighter depending upon the circumstances. In addition he wished to have a flap covering the Swiss Arny knife as he will be interchanging two different Swiss Army knives depending upon his personal preference for the day (one is thinner than the other). I also carved a "Lannister Lion" on the flap covering the Swiss Army knives. As with all PCS's, this is made with vegetable tanned leather as it is the easiest to mold with, dyed black and embellished with blue thread. Price for the set? $280.00  DH


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