Every day carry PCS 3

Every day carry PCS 3

How to order from Dragonthorn Leatherworks – All of the work that I do is custom. That means that everything you see on my website has been handmade for a particular individual and they are already enjoying it. In the future I may manufacture multiples of a popular item but at this time I prefer not to. Why? Because you may have a particular tweak that you would like for a particular product. Color, leather type, lining, clasp, snap, stitching, etc. are all variables that make a Dragon Leather product unique and your own.

Short Version – (but you’re still bound by the “Terms and Conditions” in the long version below. Go ahead and give me a call just make sure you go back and read the long version please)

Call or e-mail me at   336-655-6233    dave@dragonleather.net

Long version

Step 1) Browse the website and read up on Dragonthorn and myself. Look at the products that have been made and think about what it is that you would like. Obviously you already know that you are looking for a knife sheath, gun holster, cell phone or tablet case/sleeve, etc. You may be looking for a gift and all you know is that you want it in leather. You may have an idea for something else and have not quite got it all together in your head as of yet. You may only know that you want something cool and different. Look around the web, get some ideas and then …

Step 2) Contact me using either the contact form on the webpage or the info above. E-mail is best as I am in the shop most of the time and may have my hands a bit busy with stitching, dyeing, gluing and the like. E-mails help me keep up with my customers and orders. Don’t fret, you may by all means call me if you prefer. In the e-mail or on the phone give me an indication of what you’re looking for. Again, as all of this is “custom” there’s nothing that I know of that I cannot construct out of leather.

Step 3) Communication between us. Custom leatherwork is not an overnight thing. We will need to talk and/or e-mail back and forth in order for you and I to get a really good feel for what you are after. We will discuss the item to be made, what it will hold (if applicable), what it will be made of and how you will carry/use it. I will then begin the design process and, in some cases (or at your request) will e-mail you a sketch of “our” design. Once we are both satisfied that we both know what we are doing I’ll get started (based on terms and conditions below).

Important Notes:

1) Custom leatherwork is an art, not a manufacturing process. What I do takes time (not forever, but time). In most cases I can complete a project in 2-10 weeks depending on how complicated it is and how many orders I have ahead of you. In order to put your project in the queue your payment will have to be received and processed. If you think it’s complicated it’s probably going to be. I will always give you an estimate of the time required when you contact me. If you have an emergency situation (birthday, father/mothers day, etc.), let me know and I’ll see what I can do. If I’m slammed and you need a “rush” job there will be a “rush” fee based on whatever I think it should be. I’m not unreasonable but I am a businessman.

2) Leather is now a commodity. This means that I cannot always get the leather I want when I want it. I have quite a bit in stock and as I hand select each skin that I work with I will purchase a skin/hide simply because it looks good. I may or may not have a project in mind for it but hate to let it pass by. This also means that some of the items on my website are made with a hide or skin that I no longer have access to. I will always discuss with you what you would like and will make recommendations based on my experience in leatherworking as well as appropriate leather for the project. If I do not have a particular leather in stock I will come as close as possible and will always keep you in the loop. In some cases I can locate the leather required (if I don’t already have it). If a special purchase is necessary there may be an additional charge for the project. I never know until we are ready to start the design process.

3) If the item we are working towards is to hold/contain something (ie, knife, handgun, cellphone, etc) we have a couple of options.  1) if you want it to fit absolutely perfectly I will need the item the leather piece is to hold. I do this all of the time so don’t worry. If that is the case then I may not need payment up front (most of the time it’s your call).  2) If you just cant stand to part with the item, I may be able to construct a model/mold out of hardwood. Depending on what the item is there may be an additional charge for this. Also note that if I construct a mold the initial fit will be a bit off but the leather will mold itself to the piece over a short period of time. If you prefer neither then I cannot guarantee a perfect fit. For more information on my creation of a custom “model/mock-up” please visit this blog on my website. “Custom mold/mock-up creation”

Terms and Conditions – As this is custom work we need to make payment arrangements in advance. You can always pay in full up front and this is obviously preferred as it shows you are serious about what you want and it allows me to purchase any particular item I may need for the project that is not already in my shop. I maintain an extremely good inventory of most items (leather, thread, snaps, fasteners, etc.). However, from time to time I may need to add something I am out of or that is particular to your order that I would not normally keep in stock. I can’t tell you at this moment what it would be but you would be surprised at some of the things I’ve created. As well, as this is pure custom work, no refunds or exchanges are possible. I do stand by my work so if something is not right with it based on the design that we have agreed upon I will fix it. In addition, any deposits or payments received for a project are non refundable. Once I receive payment, or a deposit, I consider the project good and I am in process of design and material purchasing if required.

Note: In no case will I ship an item until full payment has been received.

Payment – I accept personal checks (will await bank clearance before proceeding on the project or shipping), cashiers checks, money orders and PayPal. If you utilize PayPal I will request an additional 3% to cover PayPal’s charges to me. If you do not have a PayPal account you may create one free of charge at www.paypal.com. PayPal enables you to utilize your credit card for payment.

Shipping – I normally utilize the US Post Offices Priority Mail service. Very economical and both fast and safe. I always insure the package and email you tracking information. If you have another preferred shipping method (FedEx, UPS, etc.) I can use that as well. I will ship internationally but all shipping charges must be paid and cleared up front and a major delay in arrival can be expected depending upon the country being shipped to.

Other stuff – If you have any questions that I have not covered in the above please contact me for clarification. I love what I do and if you read the reviews on my page you will see that my customers appreciate what I do and how I do it. You are “part” of the process. Not just a consumer.