How to nail a knife’s dimensions when you do not have the knife in hand

Many of you that are looking at my webpage in order to gain ideas for a sheath for your high end knife probably get a bit worried about “mailing me the knife”. Completely understood I assure you. For any custom sheath maker the easiest method to creating your ultimate sheath is have your knife in hand. Some situations make that a bit difficult however. A prime example would be a project I am working on currently. The gentleman is in Afghanistan at the moment (7,300 miles away) so shipping a knife that distance, not to mention that in Afghanistan he probably needs it daily, can be difficult.



What I do is to create a scale drawing of the knife based on information gleaned from the manufacturer, and then add axis points to the drawing in order for the knife owner to complete the measuring and notation of these axis points from a baseline. Confusing? You betcha. A lot of work? Absolutely. However, this enables me to build a hardwood mockup of the knife in order to create the perfect fit.

The best way I can explain this is to refer you to the drawing included in this post. In most cases the extra cost for this mock-up is included in the pricing of the sheath. It really all depends on the project itself and how complicated the sheath design will be. The sheath for this knife will be my “Boot Knife Sheath – The “Right Way” and you can view it at the bottom of the post.



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