Medieval Dagger Sheath

The Medieval Dagger Sheath pictured above was commissioned by a young lady on the west coast that is very involved in the ren-faire circuit. She also happens to be a quite popular costumer and seamstress for ren-faires and cosplay conventions. As such she needed someone to make a sheath for a friend of hers. He recently aquired a 12" dagger and she wanted to get him something special for it.  The sheath itself is made of 10 oz. vegetable tanned "pink" hide and dyed a very dark show brown using Fiebings professional oil dye. The sheath is lined with a tobacco colored pigskin and the lining is continued in the belt loop portion of the sheath. The design on the sheath is of my own design combining an elongated Celtic Cross with tailed wings. The design is made to coordinate with her friends "kit". Nice piece... big piece... Base price for a sheath of this nature is $250.00, the carving is extra. Want one?  DH



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