Marvin the Martian

This is a re-post of an item originally posted under the PCS 2 post section in "portfolio". I am enjoying this so much that I wanted to share it on the main page of my website. Please read and enjoy!...

I do not normally put up pictures of every PCS I create as there are just too many and I am afraid it would overwhelm my webpage speed. However, in this case I really did want to make a more "whimsical" post about the PCS you see in the pics above. My client "Brian", aka "Cartoon Freak" wanted a PCS to carry his favorite Zippo lighter, a small lock-back knife and a prized possession, his Bugs Bunny challenge coin (or his "fiddle coin" as his wife likes to say). We had a few email conversations back and forth (and I of course suggested a few necessary reasons that his wife should agree to the manufacture of a custom PCS) and during the conversations I mentioned that I would love to have a "Marvin the Martian" coin as it was, and remains, a favorite cartoon character of mine. A day later I received an email from Brian linking an ebay post where one was available. I've been thinking about it since that day but have been too busy to stop and order it. Long story short, I finished Brian's PCS (above in the pics) and mailed it off. The day his PCS was to arrive in his mailbox I received an envelope from Maryland with a return address and name that I did not recognize (ie, not a customer that I recalled). Upon opening the envelope what should drop into my hand but the very "Marvin the Martian" coin that I had been lusting after! Wow! Brian sent me a gift and hadn't even seen his PCS yet!

Below you will find a pic of my new, well new to me, "Marvin the Martian" coin and my well used and beat-up original PCS. Thanks Brian, now I have to make me a new PCS to hold the current items, a new Fenix LD02 flashlight AND my new prized possession "Marvin the Martian"! Life can be such a drag sometimes...  ; ) In addition I have added a picture of the Warner Bros. Marvin the Martian just in case some of you are too young to remember just who he is...  DH


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