Throughout my efforts to build my business and this website I have found quite a few links that are useful to my business, some I visit from time to time and a few that contain posts about my work. I thought I’d share these for those of you that are interested. Enjoy!  DH  This link contains anything and everything that is “every day carry”. I actually found this page some time after I developed my PCS line “Personal Carry System” Good stuff  This is most certainly my favorite “Gadget” site. I’ve been keeping up with Julie and her team for more years than I can count.  A really good site to keep up with the world of leathercrafting. Lots of ideas and tips and tricks. I’ve contributed a few.  I’ve always enjoyed good writing instruments and this site covers it all. Dragonthron Leatherworks has been featured in quite a few posts of a hardshell pen case I developed for a customer.  Probably one of the best sites on the internet concerning well made leather goods. I was contacted by the owner of the site as he was developing it as he liked my work and considered Dragonthorn Leatherworks a welcome addition to professional leathercrafting.  A very professional site covering all things outdoors. A customer of mine is the editor for this site and he featured a custom sheepskin/kydex lined sheath for his favorite knife. A good read.  A specific site to all things “high end flashlights”.  I have a couple of EDC items in the various posts of this website.  A good site from New Jersey. Focuses on a lot of things but primarily knives and such. Really a good read.  If you are into high grade tobacco pipes then this site is for you! Chris at continues to have a wealth of high end pipes available and his offerings change consistently.  Chris and I are teaming up on a new pipe bag called Pipe Bag Orikawa. Check it out here.