Light Weight Portfolio (Dragon Smoke)

This Light Weight Portfolio is the first in a new line of Dragonthorn Leatherworks products. The customer that ordered this portfolio requested something he could not find (like many of my customers). He wanted a portfolio to hold a standard 8.5" x 11" legal pad that was very simple. Little to no stitching, no lining, no pockets, no pen loop... just plain and simple "high end" leather crafting. He as well wanted the portfolio to closely match a leather briefcase he already carried. I developed this portfolio by utilizing 3-4oz. vegetable tanned tooling leather (light weight, flexible and dyes well), grooved the center with 3 channels to allow for easy and perfect folding, and added a 2.5" panel stitched with only 4 stitches to hold the legal pad perfectly tight within the portfolio. The inside of the portfolio is sueded and has been left the natural color. This leaving of the inside of the portfolio a natural color while dyeing the outside to match his briefcase is not overly complicated but does take time and a certain amount of skill sets with leather and the properties of dyes. Too much at the wrong time and the dye soaks through to the inside. Take your time and know what you are doing and you get a dark outside and natural inside. Suede the inside of the leather and you have a soft surface without the need for a lining. Takes time, but worth it. The finishing touch is the burnishing of the portfolio edges. We decided to leave the edges a natural color vs. dyeing them a darker brown. Adds a nice touch. These can be made to fit any pad of paper, notebook and is perfect for Moleskine brand products. This particular piece starts at $120.00. As with all of the products from Dragon Leather, full and additional customization is possible. Just let me know and we'll make it happen. Take a read below at what the customer had to say upon receipt.  DH

I had a nice little surprise under my doormat when I came home on Wednesday. I have to say it's perfect.  What I love the most about it is how the leather bends with the legal pad.  If you have a well used legal pad that bends easily, the leather bends with it like a well worn leather bag or wallet. That's what I was hoping for.  So it's perfect in every way, and the dye is a spot on match with my bag!  Because there were no glues and minimal stitches, this thing will outlive me for sure! And I really like your logo and the placement. It's not visible but your work speaks for itself. Thanks a lot.  When I start getting a ton of compliments and questions about where I got it I'll let you know. Kobi S.


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