Leather Slip Knife Sheath with snap for Hartsook Skinner©

This leather slip knife sheath with a snap for Doug Hartsook's Skinner© is a nice piece of work!, even if I do say so myself. The knife obviously speaks for itself. The sheath is another matter entirely. Allow me this opportunity to introduce Buck Early, sheath designer. Buck's my best friend and we met through our love for knives. I will be featuring a few of Bucks designs as this webpage moves forward. Needless to say, the man has a brain for sheath design. This piece is made of 5-6oz. oil tanned brown leather and is lined with a butterscotch suede. I have perfected a technique whereby the lining does not need to be stitched to the outer shell in order to stay secure. How do I do it? Trade secret. Obviously its glued, question is how do I get the suede edges to burnish properly... dragon spit. The uniqueness of this sheath is created by the design of the knife. The forefinger cutout on the knife makes for a very interesting location to place the leather flap w/ snap to hold the knife in the sheath. In this main photo you can see the care that we placed on the burnishing of the edges. To me, edges are everything. Anyone can cut leather, few can burnish to this level (heh, I'm trying to sell knife sheaths here). The point of showing you so many different knife sheaths is to give you some innovative concepts to think on. When you purchase and collect handmade knives you need sheaths that lend themselves to the design of the knife itself. This particular sheath does that very well I think. Base price for this sheath is $140.00. The lining is an additional $30.00. Any color of leather and lining can be had. Let me know.  DH


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