Leather repair becomes a necessity at times and most usually when you really don’t need it to. It’s difficult not to offer repair services when you love working with leather as much as I do. Now, with that said, I do not expect to do leather repair full time nor do I want to. However, if you have an item that you love dearly and just do not know if it can be repaired or not, “or” know it should be repairable and are not comfortable taking it to a shoe shop to see what they can do, please contact me. Some shoe repair shops can do an excellent repair job, most however cannot. You may actually be able to find a good seamstress that has the necessary skills to do it as well. Again, most cannot.

I have access to many replacement hardware items for fine luggage, handbags, briefcases, etc. I also have access to all types of leather, threads, dyes, snaps and fasteners. The key is the skill set required and the will to see good leather items last forever. I am your last port in a storm. None the less, I am a port.  DH