Leather Pouch

Medium Leather Pouch. Perfect for strolling through the woods and carrying your favorite pipes and tobacco (or anything else that you may need to carry in a bit of style). This particular piece was created for a gentleman in Virginia that enjoys hiking in the great outdoors. I must admit I as well have enjoyed a good bowl of matured virginia while lounging on a mountain top. This particular bag is 7.5 inches wide from edge to edge with an inside width capacity of 7 inches. Height closed is 5 inches and the inside thickness is 2 inches. Holds two of my favorite Vermont made flame-grain free-hands, tobacco pouch, pipe cleaner case, Dunhill pipe lighter and a hand made (for me personally) Larsen horn pipe tamper. On a side note I used to travel quite extensively and found myself on numerous occasions in Copenhagen. Being a pipe smoker with some time on my hands one Saturday I looked up Ole' Larsen's pipe shop and decided to give it a shot. If you'd like to know more about the visit check out the blog post here.   OK, back to the bag description ... The leather used is a drum dyed 4-5 oz. marbled brown with brown thread. This bag is lined with a dark brown pigskin to add a bit of flair. The edges are undyed but hand polished to a high sheen. This bag as well has two belt loops stitched to the back so that the owner can carry it on his belt while walking. This bag style can obviously be made in any dimension, any leather and any lining or not as you prefer. The bag shown as is carries a price of $160.00. Prices will vary based upon the size of the bag and the materials used.  DH



  1. I’m looking for a belt pouch to carry an iPhone, a large leatherman, and possibly a pen style flashlight or tactical pen. This would be an every day carry item so the less bulk the better. Just enought to fit everything.

    Do you make anything like that? What would it cost?

    Thank you,


    • Can do Jason. I sent you an email with a few questions. Dave

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