Leather Knife Sleeve for Hartsook Talon2©

Custom Leather Knife Sleeve developed specifically for the Hartsook Talon2©. This sheath was modified and developed for a knife maker friend of mine, Doug Hartsook. Doug is a phenomenal knife maker and his work has come a long way from his days making knives in shop in high school. I have done quite a few sheaths for Doug's knives and you will find them featured as we move forward with this website. 

As the Talon2© is only 4.5" long, this sheath lends itself to an easy belt carry. This particular sheath is fitted with a titanium clip that is unfortunately no longer available (I am in process of developing a Dragonthorn Leatherworks custom titanium clip to replace it). In the meantime I can fit a standard belt holster spring clip and cover it in leather if preferred. As well, I can design and build this sheath for a horizontal carry vs. a vertical one as in the original design. This sheath is made out of 3-4oz. black oil tanned leather and the top is covered with Iguana hide. The edges are well burnished to a high shine and complement the sheath and knife very well. Variations to this leather sheath/sleeve are too numerous to mention here. Suffice to say, any combination of leather type, color and lining are available. Base price for his sheath is $125.00.  DH


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