Leather Belt Bag

This piece is a clone of a "Herz" belt bag made in Japan. The customer wanted a Herz bag style but made in the USA (God Bless him). I took the basic design and added additional closure size options. The bag is made from medium weight, medium brown oil tanned leather. The fittings are all brass and the closures are a small Sam Brown Stud. The bag itself is approximately 5" wide by 6"5" tall by 1.5" thick when empty. It contains two pockets which are stitched and riveted together for strength. The belt loops are secured to the bag with two 1" brass rings and can be unfastened for easy attachment to your belt. The closure strap has three holes for adjustment as well as being further adjustable by unfastening the strap from the Chicago Screw used to hold it tight and selecting another hole in the strap (this bit is all hidden underneath the top pouch so your going to have to trust me). Lots of opportunities with this basic design. We can make it larger or smaller to accommodate your needs. Various leather colors are always available but the leather will need to be of light to medium weight in order to accomplish the inside stitch required for the pouches. Need one? This bag would set you back $200.00 plus S&H as shown. Other options and customization can be had. Let me know...  DH


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