Kydex and Sheepskin Lined Sheath

Kydex and Sheepskin Lined Sheath, ...say what? I know, here I go again. I was contacted by a customer in California that had just purchased a Busse Combat Sarge 7. Now, as this is a $400.00 plus dollar knife the customer wanted a really nice piece of leather to show it off with, plus a way to keep it very well protected. Hence a combination leather, kydex and sheepskined lined piece of work.
The outer leather shell of the sheath is constructed of 4-5 oz. Horsehide that has been dyed a medium cognac brown and is finished with Atom Wax. There is an attached loop for a Swedish Firesteel Army model. The belt loop  is designed for a high hip carry on the right side or can be used for a left side cross draw. The edges have been hand burnished to a very high polish. Inside the sheath is a 2mm Kydex shell that is lined with sheep skin. The sheepskin is impregnated with renwax to condition the blade as drawn and to allow for a completely silent draw. The Kydex has been molded to create an indent at the base of the knife handle to firmly hold the knife in place. Simple huh. Nope, complicated to make but beautiful in its execution. This kydex lining design can be created for any sheath knife. The indent in the kydex to secure the knife tighter in the sheath totally depends on the knife design itself. However, many forms of attachment can be had so don't feel left out if an indent wont work with your particular blade. This sheath model starts at $275.00 and goes up from there. Call me, we'll chat about it.  DH

Quick update: has just published a excellent article including a review of this sheath. You may review the article at this link sheath


I got the sheath, and I could not be more pleased. I freaking LOVE this thing… the workmanship -- quality, fit, and finish -- is simply outstanding. I love it. It's not only a seriously badass sheath, but it's also a really beautiful piece of art. I would have emailed you earlier, but whenever I get a spare moment in the house I've been sneaking up to my office (I work from home) to fondle it.

It was a joy to work with you on this, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I have all kinds of ideas for a followup to this guy, but until the time comes for that I'll be enjoying the hell out this amazing piece.




  1. I have a Zombie tools knife/BIG I is labeled ___The Felon____
    And I really would like to have a real nice quality sheath made for it.
    I noticed that you had made a really nice sheath for a busse kydex sheep lined and leather cover w/ a high belt mount….
    My knife is going to need some form of rope tie holes in the sheath along with the belt (up to webb gear size) (2 1/4 “)I will draw up a concept of what I am looking for, I live in Juneau Alaska and the options for any leather makers are pretty limited. So as usual I needed to search for a quality custom builder, I think I found the guy I am looking for…
    Thank You
    Lawrence A Love

    • Thanks for the kudos man. Sent you an email. Dave

  2. Well I tried to attach photos to this didn’t work,
    I attempted to send you a batch last week.
    don’t know if you got them, I will send another in a few and ill try to call on Tuesday the 18 Nov.

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