Handgun Holster “Bed Glove”

Here's something really different and practical. This "Handgun Holster" was made for a friend of mine. She lives alone and likes to keep a bit of protection in the bedside table drawer. Late at night, groggy as we all probably are, a holster and snap is not something you want to mess with (nor a box, or having it loose to move around) when you hear something go "bump" in the night.

This piece is made with an oil tanned 4-5oz. brown leather side (very soft and supply). It is lined with short-hair sheepskin (feels much better late at night when you reach into something soft and cozy to get your "protection").

This item can be made to fit any size hand. This is important as its the size of your hand that matters, not the size of the handgun. If the fit is too snug you wont be able to get the handgun out quickly.  The piece in the picture is for a medium to small hand and easily fits a j frame .38, most all medium frame 9mm and fits my Kel-tec .380 perfectly. Prices start at $125.00 (Real sheepskin isn't cheap). Larger pieces will cost more accordingly. As always as this is a custom item any leather, color or option/tweak can be added. Just let me know what you'd like.  DH

Serious disclaimer here: Do not attempt to fire the handgun while it is in the glove!! May seem a no-brainer but, well, you know ...


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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in having a gun belt holster for a 1911 style .45 caliber pistol, along with a magazine holster, made out of stingray. I have the stingray, you would provide the labor. Could you do it, and how much would it be?

    Thank you,

    Kamran Dil
    Commander, US Navy

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