Fountain Pen Case (Hard Shell)

Fountain Pen Case, hard shell and custom made. It does not get any better than this for the discerning fountain pen collector. I was contacted by a client in Toronto looking for something just a little bit different. He forwarded me a few photos of cases he likes along with this comment, " I can't find anything outside of Japan that isn't junk (sort of cheap leather and all floppy). Your stuff looks fantastic and high quality". Well, I am always up for a challenge and thought to myself, "self, let's ramp this way up!" The ramp-up? A layered piece of custom molded kydex giving this Dragon Leatherworks pen case practical indestructibility! This whole project was a challenge I must say. It's one thing to create this out of leather, it's another to develop and build a custom kydex vacuum press to perfectly mold the kydex inner shell to the specifications required. This entailed not only the research for vacuum molding but as well the creation of a hardwood mold to form the kydex around. One day when I have the time I'll try and get an article up as to just how this whole thing was constructed. For now I'd like to keep the competitive advantage in house.

Hi Dave, the pen case has arrived and it's beautiful! Thank you. It's also exactly what I had in mind. Wow. It'll last forever, I think. Well done. I will take pictures and post them around next week. Thanks again for your help on this. You're a very skilled craftsmen. I'll recommend you to everyone who asks about this beautiful case.  Scott P.  (See Scott's review here)

This piece is created out of .75oz kip calfskin with a .028" piece of kydex sandwiched between the calfskin on the upper body. This particular piece is designed to nestle a high end fountain pen .6" in diameter and 6" long. The finish is two applications of professional neatsfoot oil with hand rubbed atom wax edges. It can be modified to hold any size pen required and could be made to hold multiple pens. The price? Starts at $200.00 for this baby.  DH



  1. Hi Dave,

    I am looking to purchase the Hard Shell Fountain Pen Case; linked below.

    Feel free to let me know what you need from me to get the process started.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Gotcha, sent you a private email with details. Dave

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