Double Pancake Cell Phone Case

Double Pancake Cell Phone Case... a what? Another very unique item from Dragonthorn. I have made these in the past for folding knives and the latest knife sheath was made out of deerskin for a customers fathers day present for her Dad (you can view it here). The customer receiving this baby carries his personal phone, an iPhone 5 in a Lunatik Taktik Extreme case, and his business phone, a BlackBerry Bold daily. I'm not sure how many of you have this same situation (carrying two phones daily) but I do have personal experience with it and it's a royal pain in the butt!. The client saw my deerskin case (linked above) on the web and thought, "hey, this will work!' so he contacted me and away we went. I needed to highly modify my original knife case design as the Lunatik case is much wider than any folding knife would be. In addition the client wanted the bottom of the case to ride no lower than 1 inch below his belt.

This case is made of 3-4oz. vegetable tanned leather and is dyed black using Fiebings professional oil dye. The outside of the case is then finished with Fiebings leather balm with atom wax and hand rubbed to a high finish. The interior of the case is lined with a tan pigskin and is stitched with a heavy ivory thread for contrast. To finish this case off I have included a small pocket behind the BlackBerry pouch on the top flap to carry cash, credit cards, keys, etc. This case as shown is $200.00 plus shipping and handling. Expensive?, yes it is. Realize however that you don't get a case this unique and with this level of craftsmanship inexpensively.  This design also lends itself to EDC (Every Day Carry) and can be configured to carry any number and types of items as well as a cell phone. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Let me know what I can do to create one for you...  DH

(ps, in case you're wondering why there are wooden blocks in the case vs. the real phones... I make hardwood molds of the items to be included in many cases as many customers do not want to be without their "treasures" for the period of time it takes me to make the cases. I also use these molds to wet form the leather to create a prefect fit.)



  1. just an observation or personal taste…

    i prefer the pancake for belt use. primarily because it tucks things close to body and is relatively snagfree. when i worked for a living that was a serious concern.

    as you note knives, tools, flashlights are easily adapted to this mode of carry.

    anyway have you considered putting your second pocket behind the main assembly and the user’s belt(kind of like a secured taxi wallet)?

    i’ve done one-offs for folks who needed a pistol and a magazine or phone and leatherman. for years i used a saddle pouch to carry a leatherman and flashlight. when crawling behind or over equipment bays it was virtually snag-proof.

    you do some clever and tasy work.

  2. Why, thank you sir! Interesting thought about placing the second pocket behind the main assembly. Would be very secure with that method. As I currently do only one-off custom pieces I do not often receive a request for the double pancake. However, I do believe I may have to play with your idea a bit if you don’t mind. Thanks again and stay in touch. Dave

  3. I am looking for a dual cell phone case very similar to your pancake. It would need to fit 2 iphone 5.

    Any idea on general pricing?

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