Custom Watchbands

Custom Watchbands, you betcha. I've always enjoyed watches. I have a fairly rare Omega and various Seiko's and other "not so rare" pieces. The Omega that I brought back with me from the UK years ago recently died so I bought a very functional new Seiko Divers Watch to use while the Omegas in the shop. The Seiko came with a rubber divers band and I wanted to try my hand at making a watch strap.

This strap is made of Frogskin with a brown Water Buffalo lining... get it... frog, water buffalo, divers watch? Never mind... The clasp for this piece is from RHD and is a stainless double-fold deployant style. The thread used is a nylon orange to compliment the Seiko watch face. As with all custom leather projects, the detail involved is a major piece of the price structure. The amount and type of leather used is important as well, however the intricate detail work will always play a major role.

I have not priced this piece as of yet but would be happy to discuss it with you. The variety of options on a watch band is mind boggling. Leather, stitching, clasps, pins, edging, etc. etc. The clasp on this particular band in itself is $50.00. As I said, give me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for.  DH


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