Cell Phone Belt Case

Cell Phone Belt Case by Dragonthorn. I carry this one personally as a prototype and love it so much that I am opening it up to custom orders. I carry a pretty high end phone (Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8) and have never been satisfied with the leather belt cases on the market. The cases out there hold the phone sure, however, they just don't have the pizzazz that I like to see. They also tend to be pretty thick and not formed to the phone. I developed this piece as I needed something in brown leather that reminded me of the old US Calvary belt pouches from the middle 1800's.

This particular case is made from 3-4oz. vegetable tanned leather, dyed a rich deep cognac brown and is lined with calfskin. The fastening mechanism is a miniature Sam Brown Stud like those used in the 1800's (but smaller). Mine is brushed/antiqued brass but the case can be made with nickel plated hardware if you prefer a natural steel look. The clip on the back is one that I have decided is the best clip on the market for cell phones. It is made of a nylon/plastic hybrid and is indestructible. Easy to get on and off of a belt and is very very secure. I have also added a finger slot on the bottom of the case to make it easier to slip the phone in and out of the case but to be honest, I don't use it much.

This case can be made with any leather and lined with any material you prefer. I tend to line my work with either calfskin, pigskin or suede as I prefer 100% leather products to come out of my shop. Colors are limited only by your imagination. As long as I can get the professional leather dye in the color you prefer I can make the case any color you'd like. The base price for the case as you see it is $125.00. I will make it unlined for $105.00. If you prefer a different clip, belt loop, etc., just let me know. Initials, signatures and/or pictures ca be hand carved for an additional fee, just let me know. You're perfect cell phone belt case has arrived!  DH  (ps, the piece you see in the background is a matching leather sleeve for my Dell Venue 8 Pro 8" tablet... more on that later)



  1. I would like to have a custom made Samsung Galaxy note 4 case. Can you make me one?

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