Automobile Document Pouch

The Automobile Document Pouch is a variation on the Document Envelope. My client owns a 2011 Z06 Corvette which has a red exterior with a black interior (He used to own a Mark IV VW R32, my baby). He wished to carry all Vette manuals and such in a more customized manner vs. the binder that came with the Vette. Due to the many manuals and such that are provided with the car we needed to increase the width of the pouch from the standard envelope width of .75" up to 2". Due to this is was necessary to use a gusseted side panel vs. the standard stitched sides in order to keep the pouch width accommodating for the glove box. The pouch is made with 3-4oz. vegetable tanned leather, is dyed with a high end professional oil dye and is finished with Fiebings Atom Wax Leather Balm. The lining is a red sueded pigskin for "pop" and contrast. In addition the client wished to have the "Z06" logo and the 1967 "Corvette Script" added to the pouch. In addition I painted the "Z" in "Z06" red for additional pazazz. This pouch as shown is $200.00 plus shipping and handling. Why use the document pouch that came with your high performance car when you can have this instead? ...ask your neighbor as they drool....  DH


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