Dragonthorn Leatherworks is a full custom leather shop. I have been working with leather since the late 60’s (I was 14 when I started dabbling), and the company has been around since 1999. We specialize in custom leather products of all types, sizes, designs, etc. A unique advantage in dealing with Dragonthorn is the customer interaction. We firmly believe in giving the customer “exactly” what they want. We do consistently offer suggestions and/or design elements to a current or prospective customer but only as it pertains to how leather is worked and what is possible based on the price level agreed upon in advance between us and the client. So, have an idea? Not sure if it’ll work or how to go about it? Only one way to find out… Let us know what you are thinking and we’ll go from there. We have skill sets in all manner of leather products, however, we do focus on “one-offs”. The day may come when we develop a set of products that can be mass-produced, however, when we do I suspect that we will still accomplish all of the work “in-house”  ( I am such a perfectionist that I tend to get a bit nervous when someone else is producing our designs). Check out the “portfolio” and “project images” links on the menu bar above for details.

I invite you to look around the website and enjoy the many items we have developed for clients around the world. Take a read at the testimonials to see what these customers have to say about our work and working with us. I will consider the custom design and manufacture of anything if it is made in leather, however, at times I’m just so busy that I may decline a project if it does not fit into our business model. Most times however, no problem. Give us a shout if/when you have an idea you’d like to bounce off of us. You may be surprised at what we come up with.  Thanks,  Dave